Pursue Purpose

ONE of the things that I keep in the forefront of my mind is destination. Where I am going and WHY I am going there is important in the scheme of things. When I keep my destination in mind, I am sure to avoid distractions to deviate from my purpose. So many times I see people running after profit, they want to be rich. They are about the bling and the ring and not a dime in the bank to show ah ting! I guess the lure of the Real (not so real) housewives and the baller wives and such seduces the vulnerable into thinking that it’s easy. That could not be farthest from the truth.

Most of the successful people I know, those that are TRULY successful ( not a semblance or facade of success), have paid the price in grit and sweat.  Their character has been tested and they passed the integrity test. People may look at me and say “I want to be like you when I grow up doc”, in fact I hear that a LOT. I see it posted on my Facebook page a LOT. I always wonder if they want to go through what I had to go through and GROW through? I have no regrets for the things I have been through as I am a BETTER person for it. I LOVE my life, with all of the challenges it has brought. But do folks really know what it took to get here? The faith to believe what I could not see physically but dreamed? In fact, I want to say to them…no be YOU when you grow up!

  1. Don’t abort your purpose by trying to bypass the hard things. The only way we grow muscle is by lifting heavy things or rather going against resistance. So do not wish away the challenges to get to the fairy tale ending. Those challenges build character, build integrity and simply gives you flavor.
  2. Humble yourselves enough to sit under someone who can mentor and guide. Too many with little street cred and little real life experience in the arena are thinking they are now experts in how to navigate the system. My advice? Stay teachable. Always always be open to learn. Don’t be so eager to be in the limelight to be the expert because to whom much is given much is required. Stay humble.
  3.  Pursue Purpose not Profit: Making decisions solely based on money is the wrong thing if truly you are seeking a wholehearted existence. I see a lot of THIRSTY individuals, running after every money making venture. Many times, it has nothing to do with their purpose. Its just all about the money. Well here is the thing. There is nothing wrong with money, it the LOVE of money that will lead you into trouble. If you know your purpose, then you will make decisions that bring you closer to that purpose rather than every whim that comes your way. When you are thirsty and hungry, you make decisions based on your thirst. These often do NOT line up with your purpose. So best to not get thirsty right?! lol…keep drinking water. When you pursue profit in a purposeless manner you enable a confusing and empty existence.
  4. Resist the urge to think that the person with the loudest bark and the biggest bling is successful. Some really have nothing to their name and may not be able to lead you in the right direction. There are many silent millionaires. Pay attention and do not be misled.
  5. Lastly, be yourself…and if you do not know who that person is..then take time for self discovery. This may require…will require quiet time. Turn off social media. Turn down the noise and tune up the discernment. The only person who can do you, is you. Do not be busy trying to be someone else or copy someone else’s idea and try to make it your own. There is enough for everyone. Be original I often look at the sky at night and I am in awe of how well the stars align and I have yet to see the stars fighting each other or jockeying for position. In fact, they look better together! No-one is jealous of the other’s shine. They are all just flowing in purpose.

So that is all folks. Go out there and Be the BEST you! Only YOU can!