Tales from Zumunda and Other Adventures……Baby Fat

February 9th 2015:

So you all remember the produce vendor who disliked doctors for “taking her money” and then wanted me to help her lose her baby fat from her baby 30 yrs ago?! Well bounced up on Babyfat again as I stopped to pick up some produce for my delish meal.

Babyfat: Hey doc

Me: Sup lil mama? Yuh good?

Babyfat: I good Me: Are you working on that tummy?

Babyfat grabs a hold of it and laughing says: Its a baby

Me: oh really…ooookkkaaaay
.She invites me..yet again to touch her stomach

Babyfat laughing: Yes I having ah baby LOL. It like ah barrel

Me: Oh boy…well do. you. want. to. have. a. baby? Ah yes, its very firm indeed…lol

Babyfat: He is 30 yrs old

Me: Oh the “baby” that was born 30yrs ago is still hanging on to you huh? Yuh need tuh give birth now man.

Babyfat: I going and do Zumba

Me: Great….
Babyfat interrupts and starts demonstrating her Zumba moves

Me: Waaaay sah! Ay Ay! Doh hurt yuhself! Oh yuh doing it here?!! SMH…right there at the side of the road..and what do I do??!! Join her LOL!

Yes at the side of the busy street at dusk Dr. Williams and BabyFat “zumbaing” to the sound of soca..

Aaaahhhh Zumunda sways to the sound of Soca. And another pound is lost.


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