Tales from Zumunda and Other Adventures…The Prodigal

On the 19th I received an email from my business website that has not even gone live…It puzzled me but as the story unfold it became even more evident that God’s hand was in this.
The woman who “sent” me the message stated that she has a history of chronic pain for decades and has been to so many doctors none of whom has been able to help her. I sent her a reply telling her to call the island office and I will be happy to see her this weekend. Well I did not hear back from her. My Saturday on the 20th was quite busy in the morning as I scrubbed in on a surgical case…only had 4 hrs sleep. Then had clinic patients. Checked my email after seeing some of my morning appts and saw a response from the same woman stating she had been calling the office and no one answered. I got her cell number which she included in her email and asked the office staff to call and fit her into the schedule.
The staff put her as my last appointment for the day. No problem. day progressed and I must confess, I was so exhausted struggling to keep my eyes open. Patient arrived and was triaged. I popped my head in
ME: Hi I am Dr. Williams. I will be with you shortly ok?
Prodigal: Sure no problem. Thank you
Truth is, our team was exhausted and hungry. We had the best pastries from our friend Monsieur Gerard. But the tapeworm was in full effect lol…hungry. I ordered some delish food for the team…Stewed Oxtail, Curry Chicken…then ran in for this last appointment with the woman who called. Told the staff…call me when the food gets here.
I started our meeting…prior I envisioned that I would be sitting in the chair right across from her but this is not where we started…the appointment started out like any other doctors appointment with me collecting information from her medical history…I knew that I wanted to navigate into her emotional state…we went there. Initially she stated that there was really nothing about her childhood or past that was traumatic.
I prayed a silent prayer “Lord please help me to help her”
She was on every medication, seen by the BEST doctors, had the BEST treatments and none made her feel any better. I confessed that my approach would be to ask God to help me help her. She was open to it. I explained to her that I firmly believed that our physical ailments are related to our spiritual well being. I like to address what is going on in your spirit and soul and work from there.
There was so much that transpired but suffice to say…after about 10 mins or so into the meeting something I said triggered the flood gates and her heart doors flew open. Out marched pain, fear, disappointment, doubt, brokenness. There was some trauma after all…disguised as coping and caring for others…she never took time to process the pain. My position shifted to the one I envisioned sitting next to her facing her.
I spoke into her life and she cried and I cried with her. It seemed like she hung on to every word I spoke. I shared with her the love and faithfulness of God in my life. His Grace as I have experienced it. His plan for her. His Word for her. His unconditional love for her and His care for the little and big details of her life. That He was madly in love with her.
She: I totally did not expect this…this is so much more than I came for
Me: God loves you and this was a set up…
I was so overjoyed…and this washed the tired out of my body! I was ENERGIZED!
I prayed with her. Then….She prayed. She asked to know Him more. She wanted to come back to Him. She knew Him but felt so unworthy. Felt like He has disappointed her. I prayed with her and then she out of her mouth asked the Lord to know Him more, to come back home…she asked His forgiveness. It is amazing when we recognize that there is nothing we can do to lose or gain God’s love…His love for us just is…..The Presence of the Lord so filled the place and I know some of you may not understand or believe this statement per se but there was such power and energy and joy that filled that room.
She: this is a miracle. this is a miracle. I did not expect this. [at the beginning our meeting, i had said to her to raise her expectation]
Turns out that she did not even send the first email to me; it was her counselor in Vancouver who found my info [still don’t know how he/she was able to find it when the website is not public yet]…she thanked me profusely. We prayed. In her prayer she told God that she was empty and asked Him to fill her.
She, between tears: I came here so empty and I just feel so FULL, so full. [He answered her prayers instantly] I have not felt like this in 10 years. Thank you so much. this is a miracle. My soul has been so empty. I have not prayed in years, it has been years since i could pray. Today is the first time I have prayed in years. This is a miracle. I know I have to get this in order. I am…I am so grateful. I want you to meet my mother…she has been praying for me…
We emerged from my room after almost 2 hours. She introduced me to her family who was in the waiting room, a family who had been praying for her to come back to the Lord for years…hugged them. We said our goodbyes.
She came in one way and left another…a new woman.
The staff looked at me…eyes wide open…
With just word, He can change things. Just One Word.
Miracles do happen in Zumunda. It has little to do with us but WHOSE we are. And WHO we allow to use us. God alone.


Tales from Zumunda and Other Adventures……Baby Fat

February 9th 2015:

So you all remember the produce vendor who disliked doctors for “taking her money” and then wanted me to help her lose her baby fat from her baby 30 yrs ago?! Well bounced up on Babyfat again as I stopped to pick up some produce for my delish meal.

Babyfat: Hey doc

Me: Sup lil mama? Yuh good?

Babyfat: I good Me: Are you working on that tummy?

Babyfat grabs a hold of it and laughing says: Its a baby

Me: oh really…ooookkkaaaay
.She invites me..yet again to touch her stomach

Babyfat laughing: Yes I having ah baby LOL. It like ah barrel

Me: Oh boy…well do. you. want. to. have. a. baby? Ah yes, its very firm indeed…lol

Babyfat: He is 30 yrs old

Me: Oh the “baby” that was born 30yrs ago is still hanging on to you huh? Yuh need tuh give birth now man.

Babyfat: I going and do Zumba

Me: Great….
Babyfat interrupts and starts demonstrating her Zumba moves

Me: Waaaay sah! Ay Ay! Doh hurt yuhself! Oh yuh doing it here?!! SMH…right there at the side of the road..and what do I do??!! Join her LOL!

Yes at the side of the busy street at dusk Dr. Williams and BabyFat “zumbaing” to the sound of soca..

Aaaahhhh Zumunda sways to the sound of Soca. And another pound is lost.