In with the New

It is hard to believe that it is already 2014. One more day and we are there. What really happened in 2013? Is it really that big of a deal this whole New Year thing? It’s just a matter of a concept of time.

This was a year that I realized some dreams I had. In 2012, I spent time thinking of “intentions”, I thought it was a better word than say “resolutions”.  I wrote them down, prayed about them and made declarations throughout 2013. I felt very accomplished this year and as my friends pointed out, very brave. I never see myself as brave but when I look back at some of the things I have done and accomplished, I have to say it was indeed brave. It is helpful to have perspective and time provides just this. We are better than we give ourselves credit for. I made it through a horrible divorce in 2012 and in 2013, I was so much happier; pleased with my decision to stand up for myself. I worked on forgiveness and released anger. Embraced and hugged myself because this woman is a strong honest one. I acknowledged that i chose to love someone as undeserving as he may have been but my love was honest. I was proud of myself for maintaining integrity. I ventured to allow myself to once again entertain the prospect of a new relationship. It was a wild whirlwind of emotions but safe and fun.

As I peek into 2014, a part of me wants to be even more daring. I want to “jump” as my friend Brian says. What do I have to lose? Fear is one thing that will dissipate once I make that jump. This last two weeks have given me much time to think about my life and relax. I realize that my job can be stressful but I have learned to leave that stress where it belongs and not bring it into my home. I was kinder to myself this year and this trend will continue. It is okay to allow myself some slack to just sit around and do nothing. There is nothing inherently wrong with this at all. My days off do not have to be filled with all the things I “think” I “need and should” get done. So while I jump in 2014, I will be sure to do so without a whole entourage of garbage and baggage and books that I think I should read. Happy New Year everyone. Make it a memorable one.