Often people have told me that I am a ray of sunshine. It is pleasing to hear this but I often wonder what that really means. As I got yet another cup of wonderful chai, she thanked me for coming to her small town. She said I was a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine. I do not think I did anything in particular to warrant such a compliment. We then embarked on a beautiful conversation. The beauty of this little town is that we can stop and take time to know each other. I have more meaning conversation here than I have had any place else. Meaningful because I catch a glimpse of God’s DNA in these people.

I always want to be a good representation of God. I want when people meet me they want what I have. It is free after all; the joy of The Lord. Sometimes we are not even aware of the weight of our presence. Let’s hope that what we are carrying is worth the weight and we are not dumping on people. It is so important that you know who you are because when I worked for a large organization, the administrators were intimidated by me for reasons that I do not know. I have had nurses say that I was too happy, whatever that means. I am grateful that I stayed true to me, how God made me and did not compromise my heart or happiness to fit in. I know what God has given me is special, now I am learning how to share it in a healthy way always. And always is the operative word. So I say so long until next time to a beautiful town that embraced me and loved me as I loved them back.


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